Arrels Marines

The lung of the Mediterranean, and the world's oldest colonial organism, is in danger.

We want to be the solution.



Arrels Marines' mission is to protect and preserve the beauty of the the Balearic Sea through marine conservation, environmental education and ecosocial transition. We want to be a reference in the protection and restoration of our sea while promoting the active participation of the island's population, and its visitors, in the development of a sustainable environment.


Marine Conservation

Climate change and the constant impact of anthropogenic activity on the natural environment are seriously jeopardising the sustainability and ecological balance of many of our islands' marine ecosystems. Motivated by this situation, Arrels Marines is working daily on a marine conservation program whose main objective is to protect and preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the Balearic seabed. To do so, the Arrels team develops projects in a various range of fields, such as environmental impact studies in highly anthropogenic areas, studies, analysis and proposals for new MPAs, marine stewardship activities or marine regeneration and restoration. 

Environmental Education

Regardless of the clear environmental benefits that come about as a result of restoring the Posidonia meadows, any steps towards its protection would be short lived without the support of the local community. As a community that heavily depends on the tourism industry, we understand that limiting the movement of people, or their access to certain areas, would be problematic. Rather than regulating movements we believe in fostering empathy towards the natural environment and giving people the knowledge they need to self-regulate their behaviour. That is why two of the pillars our project is built upon are environmental education and ecological awareness. 



Arrels Marines is a local organisation made up of people from the Balearic Islands which is something that is clearly reflected in its values and objectives. We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds, and with very different stories, but we are united by a common passion: our love for the Mediterranean Sea.



The help of people like you is essential for us to be able to continue with this project and, above all, to be able to achieve the goals that we have set. We have created a series of options that try to fit each one of you in the best possible way, offering different degrees of involvement and commitment.


Collaborate with us

At Arrels Marines we believe that teamwork is essential to achieving our goals and that is why we would love to have your support either as a collaborator, volunteer or corporate partner. Together we can reverse the current situation and ensure a prosperous future for our sea.

Become a member

Do you want to go further and be part of the general assemblies? Help us ensure the proper functioning of Arrels Marines, contribute with new ideas and have the right to decide on future projects? Well, this option is the right one for you. Become a member now!

Make a donation

This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to contribute to the projects we are developing. Any contribution, regardless of its amount, is very helpful and allows us to continue to generate positive change. You can do it via paypal or by contacting us directly.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it".

Robert Swan