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Everything is related. We, humans, are the cause not only of the acceleration of climate change, but also of the worsening of the other 8 planetary boundaries that put all living things on this planet at risk, even us, the ones causing the situation. This continuous degradation is done by no one and everyone at the same time, on a daily basis, our everyday life, by how we relate to each other, to the environment that surrounds us, and even to our past, culture or future. The expression that humans are a virus is often used. At Arrels Marines, we believe that people are a big part of the solution. The only virus that exists is the system that imposes the way we interact with the rest of the living beings on the planet, the one which dictates that wealth is proportional to the amount of goods and services that we can accumulate and consume, always at the expense of third parties, human or not, who end up worse off than us.

This is why Arrels Marines cannot afford to settle for Environmental Education and Marine Conservation projects. They are indeed key and very necessary, but they are just as necessary as the paradigm shift that must put ecosystems back at the center, that must bring inclusivity and equity between human beings, put all gender identities on equal terms, real and effective. A vision in which true wealth is shaped by the quality of the relationships we have with our human and non-human companions. For all this and more, we collaborate in all possible projects that try to make this a reality, such as the social mobilisations carried out by sea and land, the radio program to awaken a critical spirit, or the participatory process of the Pollença coast to contribute to a community more linked to its territory, more empowered, more connected, and to awaken the desire to fight to decide the future we want for our islands.





The living standards of the countries of the global north are increasingly intensive in energy and material consumption, increasingly harmful to climate change, and above all dependent on other regions of the global south that end up paying the consequences. Confronted with lifestyles so harmful to not only ecosystems but also people; why not reimagine lifestyles where we reduce our need for material and energy resources, and increase the amount and quality of interpersonal relationships between humans and no humans?

Today's socio-economic system not only creates empty needs to foster consumption, but also leads us to unabashed individualism where the maximisation of one's own profits is the only thing that matters. We have come to believe that we are lone creatures that do not rely on anyone, when the reality is that we are part of nature and dependent on the rest of living things. That is why we must focus again on the bonds with the community, with other people, fostering teamwork, and above all joint celebration. Happiness is not given by the amount of material goods we can accumulate, but by the quality of the relationships we have with the different species in our environment.

The subordination of women and other non-privileged social groups, on the one hand, and the exploitation of the non-human world on the other, cannot be treated as independent social crises. Ecofeminism aims to put productive tasks, which allow the accumulation of goods and services, on the same level as reproductive tasks, all of which allow the development and prosperity of life. Thus, ecofeminism aims to show respect for the cycles in nature and the natural limits on which we depend as a society, while claiming the role of women (and nature) as protectors and generators of life.

It would be incoherent to try to guarantee the health and well-being of people in declining ecosystems that are increasingly sick. There is a clear relationship between the health of people and the health of other non-human beings. Healthy ecosystems enable the physical and mental health of people, and it is specifically mental health and collective cures that will contribute to the improvement of ecosystems. If we all win, what are we waiting for?

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