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With this initiative, we give you the opportunity to own a small piece of the Mediterranean. You will receive an adoption certificate and some coordinates to know where your plant is. We will also inform you of its evolution but, if you know where it is, you can visit it yourself!

Adopt Posidonia oceanica


How it works

Name your plant

First of all, you have to name your Posidonia plant. Your underwater pet deserves a creative and original name, so don't be shy. Remember that it can also be the perfect gift for someone special.

Receive your adoption certificate

Once you have chosen a name, we will send you a personalised adoption certificate where you will find the specific coordinates of your plant so you can visit it whenever you want!

We take care of it

This is where we come in. Our team will monitor your plant regularly to make sure that no harm comes to it. We will send you updates on its growth and keep you informed about how its station is evolving.

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