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The Balearic Islands have a very vulnerable socio-economic metabolism mostly due to the dependence we have on the outside world and the unlimited tourism that characterises our model. Faced with growing climate, energy and material crises, this vulnerability is becoming more and more acute, putting the future of all at risk. For this reason, our educational program aims to educate based on a systemic, transversal and multidisciplinary analysis that allows the development of a holistic vision, providing everyone who participates in our activities or workshops with a critical mindset and offering them the necessary tools to empower themselves in order to be part of the change that wants to change the model.


In addition, it is indispensable that we as many of the people who interact and have direct impacts on our environment, and therefore our work is not limited only to students in educational centres but we try to involve everyone, despite their age, through talks or debates, underwater photography workshops, treasure hunts or kayak trips, among many other activities we do.


Finally, and in ours desire to bring the sea closer to everyone, we work and adapt our programs to reach groups too often forgotten such as the elderly or people with intellectual disabilities, which has allowed us to work and collaborate with organisations that we deeply admire, such as AFAMA or Prodis.

To date, we have held more than 200 workshops or activities, in which more than 2,000 people aged between 3 and 98 have participated!



Education must be accessible, continuous and for all ages. Creativity, empathy, reciprocity, transversality and a critical spirit are principles that accompany our educational program.


We know we live in an interconnected and globalised world, yet our scope of action is generally local. All the topics are oriented towards the social, territorial and environmental reality of the islands, always working on a palpable reality.


Faced with climate, energy and material crises, integrative solutions must be sought, which guarantee a dignified life for all and which leaves no one behind. Inequalities between the Global North and the Global South must be reduced.


A fairer society and in harmony with nature and the geophysical limits of the planet goes through a material decrease, accompanied by a relational growth where people's lives are put at the center.


It is necessary to reconnect with natural cycles, our traditions and culture, avoid virtual worlds, and use technology appropriately and responsibly.


Sexism, racism, classism or xenophobia will always be condemned. No group should be oppressed for any reason and respect always comes first.


Younger generations must lose their apathy towards the current situation. They need to make decisions and have the ability to change their future, which is why we always try to enhance participative and teamwork skills so that they are able to imagine their desirable future.

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